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You can find modern-style products in the PATT Mebel Gallery at Tytoniowa 8 street and in the PATT Mebel Showroom Janki at Aleja Krakowska 26 in Warsaw.

Galeria PATT Mebel,
Tytoniowa 8, 04-228 Warsaw
t. 696 021 934, 22 812 67 36

PATT Mebel Showroom Janki,
Aleja Krakowska 26, 05-090 Janki near Warsaw vis a vis IKEA
t. 668 101 669, 22 720 44 11

If you are a dynamic person, open to novelties, appreciate minimalism and toned-down form with designer look in your everyday life, you should definitely consider modern style and get seduced by interesting solutions guaranteed by this style in furniture. If you are not afraid of experiments and want to have free rein even when you plan to equip your home with most alternative luxury solutions, you will love the modern style. When you follow the rules of this style, you will guarantee that the household members will feel in your home like in a bright luxury loft full of space and harmony.

Architect Le Corbusier said that “a house is a machine for living in”. Those words perfectly reflect modern fascination with technology ruled by functionality. This unique stream in art and architecture had its beginnings at the start of the 20th century. It took many years to develop into its current form and it is still evolving. In the beginning of the 20th century, design was dominated by the rule: simple and functional. Straightforward but still surprising and attractive forms revolutionised the way people perceived the world. Abundantly decorated furniture, overwhelming lavish, and rich ornaments appreciated in the 19th century, started to give way to more spacious, practical interiors devoid of unnecessary decorations, colourful fabrics and excessive ornaments. Unchanging versatility and practicality make the modern style equally fashionable and appreciated as it was in the beginnings of its development. It should be stressed here that the modern style is not the same as contemporary style, although those two terms are often used interchangeably. Contemporary style represents whatever is currently fashionable and popular. It is a very fluid term and is not always an exact equivalent of the modern style.

Modern style is primarily based on ensuring maximum clear space in the room, free from any unnecessary elements. To achieve that effect furniture do not have many intense colours, but the tendency is to limit the colour range to classical shades of white, grey and black to guarantee minimalistic and harmonious space that seems bigger than its actual size. Those more adventurous users may decide to break those classical shades with splashes of base colours: yellow, blue or red. Despite discipline and adherence to the basic premise, modernity is not afraid to draw inspiration from other conventions and trends.

Modernity aims for perfection in every detail of every solution and thus the furniture is also made of first-class finishing materials that easily blend in and create toned-down and clear space. Raw materials used for production of modern furniture are a world of inspiration. Designers focus on making the modern aesthetics go hand in hand with high quality, functionality and durability, therefore they often use wood in its simplest form – without any decorations or carvings. Furniture may be ornamented with just polish or veneer in neutral colours. Interestingly, materials usually connected with classical style are used here, such as marble, leather or granite.

Modernity in the furniture sector is also marked by the free use of glass, metal, stainless steel, chrome or plastics. Lovers of upholstered furniture will also feel comfortable in modernity – upholstered modern living room furniture, as oppose to the classical ones, are characterised by uniform colours without excessive ornaments or quilting.

Imaginative and unique combinations of furniture made of plastics, concrete, wood, glass or metal are very decorative and so such furniture will itself be an ornament. Dining tables and coffee tables ornamented with steel legs, comfortable chairs made of laminated wood, large sofas and leather armchairs with chrome frames are just a few examples of everyday objects that will give your space a modern feel. Simplicity of their shape delights with the purity of form and works on the imagination of their users. Modern furniture are the essence of functionality – they create optimally designed space.

Decorations in modern interiors are very important, however, muted in form and still scarce, therefore they are usually just small details that are also useful in addition to their aesthetic value. Strong decorative focus is therefore put on lighting which in the modern style sometimes makes you feel like you are witnessing a theatre of light and shadow and guarantees ideal environment for work and relaxation. Lighting is treated as a tool of interior design and creation of space. Depending on your choice to give the space colder or warmer feel, you can use LEDs, halogens or reflector light fixtures. Impressive lamps and unique chandeliers can also be an outstanding feature and are ornamental even during the day when artificial light is not needed.

Large windows and mirror surfaces on furniture and doors can be an element that intensifies the impression of a bright space.

When you design a modern space you should remember that “less is more”. Modern style stays away from sophisticated ornaments and abundance of accessories, therefore it limits the number of trinkets on shelves and cabinets, stucco or heavy, richly ornamented curtains. They are replaced with geometry – the space is dominated by straight lines and simple polygons and circles. High quality furniture are the decorative elements, for example, an exclusive coffee table or fashionable chest of drawers or their individual elements. A unique piece of furniture may also be used as a decorative accessory that will stand out, such as a glass table or a rug that will delight with colour and texture. Extravagant chairs put in the living room at the main table will often be used to complement a modern space.

Their charm will be sufficient to enchant the users and will not need any additional ornaments such as jewellery cases, boxes, frames, candle holders, paintings, figurines and other knickknacks that could be placed on the furniture.

Modern style puts a lot of emphasis on detail and perfect finishing that ensures highest quality of a functional piece of furniture. It is the essence of simplicity combined with elegance. To cite designer Charles Eames: “The details are not the details. They make the design”. When planning a modern space, you should consider every detail creating a practical environment that will be perfectly adapted to individual needs of its users.