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Classical style products can be found in the PATT Mebel Gallery at Tytoniowa 8 in Warsaw

PATT Mebel Gallery, Tytoniowa 8, 04-228 Warsaw
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The tradition of classical style is very rich. France is deemed to be its cradle in Europe, although it very quickly became popular throughout the continent. This style had a slightly different expression in different countries – the French preferred glossy polish, but the English moved towards orderliness and discipline.

Despite the differences, all variations of the style have the same premise and rules that were applied in the art of Ancient Greece and Rome. Classical style does not refer just to antiquity – you will find solutions inspired by the ancient times but also interior design standards of the gentry and other equally inspiring times throughout the ages. Simplicity and moderation of ornaments were extremely important.

Classical style perfectly combines all the best features from previous periods and joins them into harmonious design full of order, peace, regularity and timeless class. When you choose classical-style interior, you can be sure that every household member or guest will feel comfortable and will appreciate its design regardless of their individual preferences. It is a luxurious style that does not overwhelm the user and thanks to its elegance ensures the sense of ease among charming and subtle furniture pieces.

Classical style is considered by many to be locked in a rigid framework with no tolerance for any variation – nothing could be further from the truth. It easily accepts and blends modern elements, so consequently classical interiors become unique and breathtakingly beautiful. Classic does not mean that the space has to resemble a royal palace or a museum, and the reference to tradition does not make the style boring. Inspirations originating from many eras guarantee the perfect mixture of enchanting symmetry, balance and restrain, and thanks to attractive accessories (for example, golden) classical spaces gain their unique character that is always in style.

Classical spaces are characterised by harmonious furniture arrangement providing order and tidiness that ensure timeless class. It is that simplicity of the classical style combined with minimalism and top quality accessories that are a testimony of good taste, sophistication and love for luxury of the owners.

The main premise of the classical style is good taste and use of proven solutions, therefore classical furniture do not shock with bright colours. Colours characteristic for this style are timeless, muted shades of white, beige, grey and brown.

Classical style furniture are often reminiscent of royal palaces. The word “reminiscent” is crucial here, as classical furniture maintain royal elegance but do not overwhelm with the splendour that can be seen in royal chambers. Classical furniture are toned down. They often keep the colour of the raw material of which they are made, such as beautiful dark wood (ideally oak or ebony).

Classical furniture made of splendid burl wood, top-quality and costly material highly sought-after by furniture makers, are particularly impressive. Exclusive, large wardrobes and marvellous classical chests of drawers are kept in toned-down colours and their only ornament is gilded or polished nobs.

Classical luxurious armchairs, large sofas and original chaise lounges or comfortable chairs are upholstered with the use of top quality materials (like natural leather). A recognisable piece of furniture made in classical style is extremely comfortable large bed with soft head that gives you the sense of comfort and luxury and makes the bedroom chic and classy.

Exquisite classical dressing tables with large mirrors and beautiful glazed display cabinets are also very popular items in classical style.

Classical furniture are made of raw materials that represent robust, supreme quality and include such materials as natural leather, stone and wood. Classical interior design does not shy away from geometry – furniture are usually rectangular in shape and are ornamented with bow legs or other delicate features. However, it is impossible to describe just one style of classical furniture, as they take many forms that guarantee satisfaction to every customer – from the connoisseurs of gentle, graceful furniture in light Provence style, to the proponents of heavy models resembling French Versailles.

Classical spaces could not exist without timeless accessories that are necessary elements of space design and can transform the room without imposing dominance. Elegant textiles are crucial in interior design and in opposition to furniture they may have more vibrant colours. Persian rugs and mats, exclusive candle holders, delightful vases or bright colour curtains will perfectly complement light colour spaces. It is important, however, to apply constrain in choosing accessories as to maintain classical minimalism and moderation. Classical spaces are perfectly paired with valuable antiques.

Lighting is extremely important in classical spaces, primarily chandeliers (crystal ones, for example) and lamps that do not just provide light in the rooms, but also are a very important decorative element that creates a space full of classical brightness and elegance.

Timeless interiors that represent classical style are definitely a perfect solution for those who are not interested in fads and seasonal trends. Well matched colours and deliberate, carefully chosen combination of furniture pieces guarantee that you will not get bored for a long time. Elegance, timelessness, good taste and comfort – all those characteristics make the classical style always fashionable and fit for every space.