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Art Deco products can be found in the PATT Mebel Gallery at Tytoniowa 8 in Warsaw

PATT Mebel Gallery, Tytoniowa 8, 04-228 Warsaw
t. 696 021 934, 22 812 67 36

If you value originality, enchanting minimalism and functionality paired with sophisticated design and good taste, you will definitely appreciate the Art Deco style – which literally means in French “art and decoration” – it delights with surprising solutions combining all the above characteristics, becoming a synonym of luxury, elegance and good taste.

The Art Deco style in art entered everyday life in the nineteen twenties and thirties and influenced not just painting – it also dominated the world of architecture, fashion, ceramics, jewellery, and inevitably industrial design and interior design. It was deemed to be a counter to the previously dominating Art Nouveau that was characterised by no spatial discipline, casualness and excessively ornamented objects. Despite the fact that Art Deco originated almost 100 years ago, it is still recognised as a timeless and exceptionally impressive and elegant style in the history of contemporary art intended for social elites.

Art Deco is often called “classical modernity” for a reason – precursors of this style who created objects or designed interiors in the Art Deco style paid attention to every minute detail, like real artists, from window handles to door locks. In their work they made references to avant-garde streams like Cubism, Constructivism, or Fauvism. They also often turned to tradition – drawing inspiration from Ancient Egypt, the culture of Far East, and European customs. It is this combination of tradition and modernity that makes this trend so special – it is the factor that makes it a kind of time machine, showing respect for the tradition with a modern take.

The fundamental premise of Art Deco works was geometry and functionality. Thanks to their symmetrical, streamlined shape and uniform colours, Art Deco objects are exceptionally impressive and distinct, but at the same time maintain order and harmony. They were always created as individual works, therefore they are closer to spectacular works of art than mass-produced objects of everyday use, as they combine style with function and reach very high prices at auctions.

Propagators of this style also paid great attention to materials used to make their works. The key rule of creating a perfect object was the use of luxury, natural materials of the highest quality (such as natural leather, marble, ivory, exotic wood).

Art Deco style in furniture is also based on geometry, precision and excellent quality, but most importantly – on functionality. It offers many ingenious solutions that perfectly combine modernity and outstanding elegance..

Art Deco furniture, although very symmetrical, are far from minimalist – they are usually finished with lacquer, often are also richly ornamented with quilting, gilding, upholstering, intarsia and inlaying, with the use of popular and glamorous materials, such as nacre, brass or copper.

Their charm is enhanced by velour, delicate rounded or angular shapes and bow legs.

Larger pieces of furniture were put on plinths instead of classic legs.

Art Deco-style interiors are ideally complemented by appropriate accessories. In Art Deco spaces there is a special place for antiques that are a testimony of the weakness for tradition and cultural heritage and give any space that special look simultaneously increasing its prestige.

The arrangements should also be supplemented by elegant, stately chandeliers with an abundance of crystals or mirrors.

When you decide on Art Deco style, you will feel like a real fine art connoisseur, paying attention to every minute detail, delighting all household members, without compromising functionality of the furniture and the whole space.