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PATT Mebel

Tytoniowa 8, 04-228 Warsaw, Poland

The Patt Mebel Gallery is a place where we present luxurious, world-class furniture. When you visit our showroom, you will see not just an enormous collection of most expensive furniture in the world at best prices in Poland, but you will also have an opportunity to get professional advice from experts who will help to satisfy even highest expectations for planning and designing unique spaces.

PATT Mebel Showroom Janki

In our PATT Mebel Showroom in Janki near Warsaw you will find a wide range of various brands. The furniture offered at PATT Mebel Showroom in Janki are different than what you will find at the PATT Mebel Gallery at Tytoniowa Street. Each product you see on our website is accompanied by information about the location where it is available.