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PATT Mebel

Many pieces of luxury furniture offered by us have become a part of numerous prestigious spaces and are an undeniable symbol of elegance and sophisticated taste.

Our Italian furniture, including couches, sofas, beds, armchairs, tables, lighting, lamps, mirrors, rugs, paintings, and other accessories, will raise your living status in an exceptionally elegant manner, arrange and radically transform your space adding the feel of success. We work exclusively with globally renowned producers which are masters in combining highest product quality with avant-garde look, making each piece of furniture a work of art that will not go unnoticed. Those are the true leaders of the market, present in most prestigious galleries all over the world, creating products in various styles – from Art Deco to modern or classical. They will satisfy expectations of every connoisseur of luxury.

Most expensive furniture
in the world at best prices in Poland

Luxury comes mainly from quality and originality – that is what makes our products different. Perfect design, perfect workmanship and highest quality materials and fabrics make our products durable, luxurious and give them that special character. They are made of best natural materials and excellent quality textiles, such as best kinds of wood, superb fabrics, natural leather, stone or steel. Visit our showrooms where you can personally check out the highest quality of designer products and experience the luxury that in our showrooms is at your fingertips.


PATT Mebel

PATT Mebel
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We offer refined climate of luxury to connoisseurs, enthusiasts and investors. Furniture from our extensive range are undeniable symbols of elegance.